Being a mother is one of the most amazing experiences in a woman’s life,it will change everything,and it is easily one of the toughest experiences too. The emotional as well as physical changes after your first pregnancy can wear you down. New mothers often feel insecure about their bodies and go through a lot of stress. While the joy of welcoming a new bundle of joy is irreplaceable a new mom needs to make sure she doesn’t overlook herself. Products like the postnatal belly band are designed to help new moms with recovery during the postnatal period. This article discusses the benefit of getting a postnatal belly band with strapping.

The good news is, cost-effective products like the postnatal belly bands help you to recover faster and get back to your pre-pregnancy body without hitting the gym. With the appropriate kind of postnatal belly band, you’ll get your figure back with ease. So spend a little time researching what works and what doesn’t. Then make a decision to take care of yourself, that’s right new mommies. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your baby.

A good postnatal belly band is more than a regular belly band. It comes with additional straps to your core areas and the tightness can be customized according to your needs.

Why should you opt for a postnatal belly band with additional straps?

  • Immediate waistline: Postnatal belly bands with additional straps use triple compression techniques which is very effective and comfortable. Additional compression belts compress the abdominal region giving you an immediate waistline.
  • Support: Support is very important to get you back in shape after delivery. A strapped postnatal belly band helps the curved spine to get back to normal and reduces back pain. Holding your baby often, puts a lot of pressure to your lower back, with additional straps you can also give extra support and ease the pain.
  • Customization: Postnatal belly bands with additional belts help you modify the band according to your requirements. Whether it is over your pelvis or around your abdomen, it helps you target areas where support and compression is most needed.
  • Recovery: Pressure generated by these strapped postnatal belly bands help increase blood circulation which contributes towards speedy recovery. Compression belts tighten around your abdomen and help to make uterus contractions tolerable.
  • Self-esteem Boost: After pregnancy and delivery a woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes. The sudden change in your body can affect you deeply and lower your self-esteem. Hurry and get a belly band to get back to your pre-pregnancy body and get back in shape and feel good about yourself.

A good postnatal belly band is not just a belly band, it is your step towards a speedy and less painful recovery. It is just what you need after delivery to feel good about yourself and move forward with healthier post pregnancy choices. Oh and there is a bonus, you can use a good strapped postnatal belly band even beyond your postnatal period. That’s not all even daddies can use a good strapped postnatal belly band to loose belly fat. Be ready to leave all traces of your belly fat behind!


7 Benefits of Bending after Childbirth


#1 Stabilizing C-Section Wounds
The C-Section wound is best to be in a fast and well-groomed state so that there is no risk of the wound being attracted while moving. By wearing Mamaway Belly Band on the abdomen, the new mother gives birth more moveable and with less risk of open wounds at the same time.


#2 Helps Regenerates Uterus 
By wearing of Mamaway Belly Band will also be able to regenerates and re-establish the uterus. Mothers needs to make sure to wear it neatly and long enough to cover the pelvic area. 


#3 Re-Strengthens The Spine 
Get re-core strength prevent permanent damage to the lower back after childbirth.


#4 Relieves The Back Pain
After childbirth, most of mothers experience back pain because of the delivery process. In addition, the breastfeeding process requires the mothers to sit on or lie on her side for comfort during breastfeeding. By wearing of Mamaway Belly Band, it will help to relieves the back pain. 


#5 Provide Support To The Spine 
C-Section maternity mothers may be worried about doing things like coughing, sneezing, or laughing because often the abdomen will hurt. this causes moms to bend over the stomach regularly.
When the stomach is bent, the pain is not noticeable and this reduces the need to bend during coughing or sneezing which can disturb the spine.  


#6 Regaining The Original Body Shape
Despite the successfull weight loss, there are still some who have postnatal tummy problem. Wearing a disciplined Mamaway Belly Band throughout confinement can help  the mother to get the body as it was even after the c-section delivery. 


#7 Correcting Posture 
The use of thick and packed Mamaway Belly Band acts to improve the mother's posture automatically.