Are you gearing up to give birth soon? Whether it’s your first baby or you’re a seasoned pro, to avoid last-minute panic, it's important to be prepared before you arrive at the hospital. To ensure you have everything you need in your hospital bag, we’ve created a handy checklist you can follow! From essentials for mum and dad to baby essentials to pack for the hospital, we've got you covered. Happy packing!

Hospital bag essentials for mum

  • Insurance information and your birthing plan —These are two of the most important items to have at the top of your maternity hospital bag checklist. Be sure to pack your insurance card, any other relevant paperwork, and a copy of your birth plan, so it goes according to plan.
  • Comfortable clothing is a must — You'll want to be comfortable during your labour and delivery, so pack loose-fitting clothes that allow for freedom of movement. Maternity dresses and nursing pyjama sets are great options, as they can double as postpartum loungewear. Drapey denim culottes are also comfortable and stylish — perfect for those first post-birth pictures with your new bundle of joy. Don't forget the most important piece of all — a maternity bra. A few pairs of shorts and lots of undies are also must-haves on your pregnancy hospital bag checklist.
  • Pillows for a good night’s rest — You'll need something to help you get comfortable during labour and delivery. Many mums find pillows and bath towels essential for this purpose. You'll also want to pack non-toxic maternity support pads or nursing moon pillows, which can offer much-needed relief during those first few days post-delivery. They’re our best sellers, so check them out and add them to your basic hospital bag checklist.


  • A robe, towel, and indoor slippers — After you deliver your baby, you will likely want to take a shower and relax. Aside from comfortable maternity clothing, a robe and slippers are essential to pack for the hospital and will ensure comfortable and warm trips to the bathroom.
  • Essential toiletries — Be sure to pack your toiletries in your hospital bag, including shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Don't forget a hair tie or headband to keep your hair out of your face while feeding! Adult diapers and maternity pads are also essential to pack for the hospital as they support you with post-birth bleeding. These items should be on your maternity hospital bag checklist and will keep you clean and comfortable.
  • Snacks and drinks — Make sure to pack snacks and beverages for afterwards. Healthy options like fruits and nuts are a perfect choice. You'll also want to pack some water or juice to stay hydrated — especially after labour.
  • Breastfeeding supplies — If you're planning to breastfeed, you'll want to ensure you have everything you need. Pack a nursing bra, nipple cream, breast pads, and any other supplies you might need.
  • Entertainment — Labour can be a long waiting game, so having something to pass the time is helpful. Pack a few books, magazines or your laptop so you can stay occupied during those early stages of labour.

Things to include on your baby hospital bag checklist

While every hospital and birthing centre has different policies, there are a few essential items that every parent should pack in their baby's hospital bag.

First, you'll need some bedding for your bub. Swaddle blankets and wraps are great for keeping your baby warm and cosy and will help them sleep comfortably. If you’re unsure where to start, Mamaway’s collection of baby sleep items is made from temp-balance material — so your little one can sleep in a warm environment during their hospital stay.

Don’t forget to pack some clothes for your baby. A few onesies or baby sleepsuits are always a good idea, as well as some socks or booties to keep little feet warm. Drop in a going-home outfit for your bub’s trip home from the hospital.

Finally, don't forget the essentials like nappies, wipes, and other toiletries your baby will need during their stay. Most hospitals provide baby bottles, formula, breast pumps, and storage bags. You will only require your own supplies when you’re discharged from the hospital. Don’t forget to bring along bottle sterilisers and brushes to keep your baby bottles clean after each feed.

Hospital bag needs for the one keeping you company

When packing your hospital bag, it's crucial to consider what the person staying with you will need. After all, they'll be by your side throughout your labour and delivery, and you'll want to ensure they're comfortable and have everything they need.

Here's a basic hospital bag checklist for the one keeping you company: snacks and drinks, lip balm, a phone charger, headphones, a blanket, a book or magazine, comfy clothes to change into, and cash for parking or vending machines.

Let Mamaway help you tick off your pregnancy hospital bag checklist

Congratulations on your growing family! Now that you know what to pack in your hospital bag and have a handy checklist to reference before you rush out the door, you'll be able to focus on enjoying those first precious moments with your new baby.

We hope our hospital bag checklist helps you prepare for the big day. From clothing and support belts to feeding pillows, baby clothes and swaddles, Mamaway has everything you need to ensure both mum and baby are comfortable and supported during the hospital dash.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call or find everything you need at your nearest stockist. Thanks for choosing Mamaway as your go-to source for all things pregnancy and postpartum-related!