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The period after you give birth is one of the most exciting times for new mums. It’s also a time when your body goes through many changes, as your body begins to produce breast milk to nourish your child. As you adjust to the logistics of managing feeding times for you and baby, Mamaway Maternity is here to make things as easy as possible for you. Developed for your most busy feeding stage, our range of crossover maternity bras make feeding time easier with their clever designs and buttery-soft materials. 

Shop our easiest ever crossover nursing bra

The simple design of our maternity crossover bra makes feeding straightforward — no matter where you are. The soft, stretchy natural fibre material makes it easy to simply pull aside the cups to feed baby without the bra losing shape over time. The super-soft cotton wicks away moisture, helping you feel fresh all day, while the naturally antibacterial silver microparticles in the material also help fight odours. You’ll love the wider strap design and stabilising ballet back band of our nursing crossover bra, both of which help to distribute weight evenly for a more comfortable fit.

Why a crossover maternity bra is essential for any new mum

Unlike a regular bra, our nursing bras are made with ample room in the cups for nursing pads — to combat leakage from excess milk flow between feeds. And as your milk supply varies from day to day, you’ll love the lightly removable padding that can be easily adjusted to fit your daily preference. They also provide added support and discretion while nursing.  

Our collection of lined crossover maternity bras are easy to pull aside for feeding, making nursing discrete and simple. It’s just one of the reasons why midwives recommend them in your most busy feeding stage! And with a range of pastel and neutral shades available, you can find a crossover nursing bra to pair seamlessly with any items in your wardrobe too. 

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At Mamaway Maternity, we’re committed to providing the best products so that we can make a difference during your pregnancy and your early stages of parenthood. From our best-selling items for both mum and baby to our lingerie collection explicitly designed for the changes your body goes through during pregnancy and postpartum, there’s no better place to find everything you need for this exciting phase of your life. 

Questions about what the best options are for your pregnancy? Get in touch with us today and speak to someone about which product is right for you. 


Why should I choose Mamaway Maternity for maternity crossover bras? 

We want every mum to look good and feel great during her pregnancy and after the birth of their bub. When it comes to our crossover maternity bras, we’ve done all the research to ensure that our products work to make your life just that little bit easier. Getting used to breastfeeding can be challenging and may take a period of adjustment before you and your little one settle into a routine that works for you. With the innovative design and unparalleled comfort of a maternity nursing bra from Mamaway Maternity, you will find the right rhythm and adjust to frequent feeding while still feeling secure and supported by a comfortable and practical bra. 

How are nursing crossover bras different from other maternity bras? 

While other maternity bras are designed to support your breasts as they grow and become more sensitive during pregnancy, a nursing crossover bra is specifically made to feed your baby easily and discreetly — with supreme comfort for at home or out and about. The crossover design means you don’t have to fuss with a hook and eye closure at the back of your bra to feed. Simply pull the cup aside and get on with feeding easily.

Why are Mamaway Maternity nursing crossover bras the best? 

Because we stake our reputation on offering products that will actually make a difference in your life, Mamaway Maternity offers crossover nursing bras that are recommended by midwives and proven to assist mums in milk production, feeding and support.

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