Newborn Swaddles & Muslin Wraps

Help your baby sleep better and earn yourself a few more precious moments with your eyes shut by wrapping your little one in a comfortable baby swaddle. For some of the best baby swaddles in Australia, look no further than our range at Mamaway Maternity. Crafted with the comfort and safety of your little one in mind, our selection of baby swaddle wraps online comes in the most adorable Disney designs and an innovative antibacterial natural fibre — making buying your baby swaddle today at Mamaway Maternity an easy choice.

Discover some of the best baby swaddles in Australia

At Mamaway Maternity, we are on a mission to make parenting easy for you with high-quality and practical maternity clothes, baby products and advice. When it comes to the all-important baby cocooning, we’ve raised the bar to a whole new level. We are proud to offer some of the best baby swaddles in Australia, manufactured with super soft and gentle materials and featuring an innovative design that is both easy for you to master and secure around your baby.

Baby swaddles that help your little bub sleep better (for longer)

Designed to replicate the warm and secure feeling of being in the womb and to stop them from waking them up with a fright, baby swaddles are the simplest way to ensure your little one will keep dreaming. In fact, small babies are used to the feeling of pushing and kicking against resistance. Moreover, 0 to 4-month-old babies don’t have much control over their bodies, and who wouldn’t be woken up (and scared) by accidentally jerking your legs or arms around? These and other issues that prevent babies from staying asleep are all addressed by using a baby swaddle or wrap.

Buy baby swaddle wraps and more in Australia

Apart from the best swaddles in Australia, we also carry a vast range of other products to help your little one have a great rest. From mattress toppers and quilts to toddler pillows and sleep suits, you’ll find everything you need online at Mamaway Maternity. With a convenient 45-day return policy and free shipping, when you spend over $99, shop for all the baby sleep products you need online today.


Why should I choose Mamaway Maternity’s baby swaddle and wraps online?

At Mamaway Maternity, we care deeply that you and your little one have the best journey possible through parenting and infancy. That is why we have curated and designed a range of wraps and swaddles that will make things easier for you and that your bub is bound to love. When it comes to buying a swaddle online, there is no better place to shop than Mamaway Maternity, both for the quality of the products and advice. If you would like a hand choosing the best product for your needs from our range, please reach out to us and let us share with you all we know.

What styles and kinds of baby swaddles does Mamaway offer?

We currently offer two styles of baby wraps online — the Antibacterial Newborn Cocoon Swaddle and the Disney Cocoon Swaddle Wrap (2 pack). The Disney baby swaddle comes in three adorable designs, while our original baby swaddle, the antibacterial and anti-odour option made with innovative Smartcel™ fibre, is available in two colour options. All our baby swaddles online work in the same way, with easy-to-use velcro closure. So simply choose your favourite look and buy one of the best swaddles for newborns in Australia today!

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