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Whether you are looking for a moon pillow to help you sleep while pregnant or a toddler pillow for your fast-growing 2-year old, we have what you are looking for at Mamaway Maternity.

A range of nursing, baby and toddler pillows to cover all your needs

On a mission to make parenting easier for you from beginning to end, our range of baby sleep products includes everything you and your little bub need for a good night’s sleep. Our Maternity Support & Nursing Moon Pillow will provide invaluable support during your pregnancy and will still be handy from day one of your little angel deciding to finally join you in person. Voted the Mother & Baby Awards Most Popular Nursing Pillow in 2017, ours is one of the best baby pillows in Australia.

Our 3-in-1 Growth Pillow is made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating foam and can be used by your little one for many years to come. The flat pillow can already be used when your baby is small as soft padding to rest and play on supervised. The contour pillow is the ideal first toddler pillow, and the two together will see your young kid sleep through the night.

Breathable and versatile baby pillows in Australia

At Mamaway maternity, we want to make your journey to parent easier and more affordable. That is why all our baby and toddler pillows are suitable for various uses and different stages. For example, our pregnancy pillow is ideal for nursing, as a rest spot for your baby and up to eight other uses, both during pregnancy and after birth.

While all of our baby and toddler pillows have been purposely designed with versatility in mind, the key to their success also lies in their premium materials. From hypoallergenic and highly breathable medical-grade foam to super soft and eco-friendly innovative natural fibre washable covers, everything in these pillows has been carefully selected to make them the best baby pillows in Australia.

Shop for baby pillows and more online today

While you shop for a new baby or toddler pillow, be sure to take a look at the rest of our best sellers and baby sleep range. From swaddles and wraps to sleep suits and mattress toppers and quilts, you’ll find all the best products for your little one’s sleep time right here at Mamaway Maternity. Place an order online today or contact us for help choosing the best products for you and your little one.


At what age can a baby have a pillow?

While you can use a nursing and baby pillow when breastfeeding or for putting your baby down during the day, it is not recommended that babies sleep with a pillow until they are 18 months or older.

Why are pillows not good for babies?

The reason why babies should not sleep with a pillow is that they can be a suffocation hazard, as well as a risk for overheating. Moreover, newborns’ and young babies’ necks and spines simply do not need the extra support.

Why should I choose Mamaway Maternity’s baby and toddler pillows online?

If you are shopping for a nursing or baby pillow online, you won’t find a better range than Mamaway Maternity. Our baby and toddler pillows are incredibly comfortable, supportive, breathable, hypoallergenic and long-lasting. What’s more, they are also very versatile — you’ll never run out of new ways to use them — and extremely cute.

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