Sleep Time Essentials

Even the best-behaved babies can use extra help settling for the night. Shop the range of pregnancy sleep products from Mamaway and give your nighttime routine a helping hand.

Effective baby sleep products for a restful night

The Mamaway range of baby swaddles, wraps and sleepsuits is carefully selected to help your child sleep soundly and comfortably. Parents will love our All-Season Optimum Temperature Sleep Suit, which uses a natural cellulose fibre filling to regulate your baby’s temperature. Crafted from cotton for soft, gentle fabric, they’ll never be too hot or cold with this temperature-regulating suit.

Make a happy naptime routine and set up great sleep habits

Set up their cot or bed with everything they need to settle down and self soothe. Setting up your little one’s sleeping space to be supportive and safe is crucial in helping them rest for the night and get themselves back to sleep after waking. With our collection of mattresses and quilts, your little angel can benefit from our temperature control technology for sweat-free nights during summer and warming softness in winter.

You’ll love our flat, non-toxic toddler pillows as they age — they are perfect for young bodies. Ergonomic shapes support little necks as they develop, while medical-grade foam ensures a supportive sleep for your bub.

Mamaway — the go-to for pregnancy sleep products and beyond

At Mamaway, you’ll always find innovative products to make your life as an expecting and new parent easier. Shop by pregnancy trimester for newborn and postpartum clothing, and accessories for infants and toddlers as they enter exciting new phases in their little lives. Browse our best selling items and discover why many mums love our pregnancy and baby products.

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What products help a baby sleep?

No two babies are exactly alike, but providing a safe, restful environment for your child will help them set up great sleep habits for life. Especially with very young, pre-verbal children, temperature-regulated clothing and bedsheets are essential to keeping them comfortable while avoiding chilliness or overheating. Our temperature-controlled products help them sleep through the night, aiding your baby when they’re too young to regulate their temperature.

What do babies sleep best in?

In our range of sleepsuits and swaddles, you’ll find options for both hot and cool climates. Our sleepsuits are great on chilly nights, while our suits with separate leg openings avoid sweaty feet during warmer months.

What baby products help babies sleep throughout the night?

At Mamaway, all our baby sleep products don’t just look good — they feel wonderfully soft against your baby’s skin. With Mamaway’s pregnancy sleep products, you can put your little ones to bed in the most comfortable way possible!

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