Maternity Panties

Don’t settle for less while you’re pregnant — find maternity underwear that will help you feel gorgeous and comfortable in your changing body. When looking for maternity and pregnancy lingerie, enjoy more by shopping online at Mamaway Maternity.

Comfortable, practical and super soft maternity underwear

Designed to accommodate the many changes your body will experience, our maternity knickers are made from ultra-stretchy fabric that ensures they will be a great fit during and after pregnancy. In particular, our maternity panties contain Meryl® skin life, an advanced nylon fabric with odour control and antibacterial properties. This means that you don’t have to worry about undesirable scents or bacteria during pregnancy and those delicate few weeks after giving birth. Moreover, being both moisture-wicking and breathable, you can feel comfortable and dry all day long with the Mamaway Maternity underwear.

Shop for the best maternity underwear and bras online in Australia

Comfortable and pregnancy-specific underwear solves only half of an expecting new parent’s needs. Once you have selected the perfect bottom for you in our range of ultra-soft and stretchy pregnancy underwear in Australia, find the matching maternity bras to complete the ensemble. From seamless bras to active crossover bras, we carry a wide range of styles that will see you through pregnancy, nursing and beyond — just as versatile as our maternity underwear. Having one of the best maternity underwear ranges in Australia, many of our maternity panties and bras are amongst our best sellers, and you can read countless 5-star reviews for each product.

For any help selecting the best size pregnancy underwear or any other question regarding our complete range of maternity lingerie, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Do you need special maternity underwear?

Having specially designed maternity panties is going to make both your growing belly and your postpartum experience a lot more comfortable in the undergarment. Maternity underwear is extra-stretchy and can be either low-cut or high-cut so that it sits under your belly or gently covers it.

When should I start wearing maternity underwear?

There is no fixed time when you should start wearing pregnancy underwear, as every body changes differently. The main scope behind maternity underwear is to ensure you are comfortable in your changing body and your lingerie, so the best time to start wearing maternity knickers and bras is whenever regular underwear isn’t making you feel gorgeous, supported and at ease in your body anymore!

Why should I choose Mamaway Maternity’s maternity underwear online?

At Mamaway Maternity, our mission is to ensure you feel great and comfortable every step of the way. Our range of pregnancy and postpartum underwear has been designed with that goal in mind, and we are proud to say it’s one of the best maternity underwear collections in Australia. Super stretchy, silky soft, moisture-wicking, antibacterial, breathable and attractive, our maternity panties tick all the boxes — and come at unbeatable prices. Stock up on premium maternity underwear online in Australia today at Mamaway Maternity and enjoy wearing lingerie that is right for your changing body during and after pregnancy.

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