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As you adjust to feeding times with your baby, there can be many challenges. Physically, you’re dealing with the effects of your pregnancy and new body, as well as having to strain your back and arms every few hours when it’s time to breastfeed. However, with a feeding pillow, you can give yourself physical relief during feeding times — allowing you to focus on your bub and ensure they are latching and feeding properly. With less to worry about during breastfeeding, you can enjoy quality time with the newest member of your family. 

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Made with medical grade hypoallergenic materials and designed to make mum’s life easier, you’ll love the best-selling baby nursing pillow from Mamaway Maternity. The crescent moon shaped foam pillow will help support your baby’s posture as they feed — reducing strain on your back and arms, and allowing your little one to latch during feeding comfortably. 

Far from being a one-use-only item, the Mamaway Maternity feeding pillow has multiple uses during pregnancy and beyond. If you’re struggling to find a comfortable sleeping position during your pregnancy, simply unfasten the crescent and place one end between your thighs for a cradling effect that will ease pressure on your stomach and back to help you fall asleep. As your little one starts learning to sit, the nursing pillow can be used as a booster ring to encourage their new development gently. 

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To create a product you can feel confident about using with your baby, our best feeding pillow has been crafted from materials that are good for the environment, good for your baby and good for you. 

Encased in a CRABYARN® case, this innovative material stands for inhibition of bateria's growth, high level of comfort, anallergicity and high humidity absorption. This natural antibacterial element is gentle enough for babies, even those with sensitive skin or eczema conditions. This material stays fresher for longer, reducing the need for frequent washes, and is both eco-friendly and fully biodegradable. Inside, hypoallergenic medical foam with phase-changing material helps regulate body temperature, keeping you cool and sweat-free, night after night, making it perfect for allergy sufferers. It also offers fantastic comfort and support while retaining its shape over years.

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Whether you’ve just found out you’re expecting, are about to give birth or are entering the phase of your life as a new parent, Mamaway Maternity has a range of products to help you navigate motherhood. From maternity wear that feels fresh, modern and simple to aids for making pregnancy easier and items for newborns, infants and toddlers, you’ll find everything you need for the next chapter of your life right here. 

Shopping online with us is easy, with simple categories to discover as you progress through your first, second and third trimesters. With free shipping for all orders over $99, it’s time to discover why mums all over Australia choose Mamaway Maternity. Get in touch with us today for more information about any of our products. 


Is a feeding pillow really necessary?

At Mamaway Maternity, all of our baby feeding products are designed to really make a difference in the practical, everyday task of breastfeeding. When it comes to the frequent and repetitive duty of breastfeeding, a nursing pillow can help avoid straining your wrist and hand and causing back or arm injuries, all while keeping your baby in the optimal position for feeding. 

Are breastfeeding pillows safe for babies?

While not designed for babies to sleep with, using a nursing pillow with your newborn is perfectly safe. You can wrap the feeding pillow around your waist or place it on the bed in front of you while you support your little one’s head and neck. And because our nursing pillow is made from biodegradable and hypoallergenic materials often used in the medical, health, and pharmacological fields, you can feel safe using it with your baby. 

Why is Mamaway Maternity’s range of nursing pillows online the best? 

Because we believe you and your baby deserve the very best, Mamaway Maternity is committed to giving you a choice of the highest-quality maternity, pregnancy and postpartum products. Our feeding pillow is the winner of the Mother & Baby Awards Most Popular Nursing Pillow 2017 Gold Medal. Thanks to its clever design, multiple uses and sustainable materials, you can trust that it’s the best breastfeeding pillow for you and your little one.

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