You get what you asked! We’ve surveyed our readers on Instagram on what they want us to cover in our latest post, surprisingly many of them wanted us to talk about our best-selling product - postnatal belly band.

Today we are answering Top 10 Questions asked by our customers. 

Question 1 / When can I start wearing it?

During pregnancy your abdominal muscles are separated down the middle of your tummy. It is a normal occurrence and should resolve in a few months following pregnancy. During this time, it is likely that our belly band will assist in getting your abdominal tone back.

Our recovery belt is one of the significant aids to healing and help compress the uterus to normal size. It takes about 6 weeks for your uterus to return to normal size, so mums are encouraged to wear our belly band right after birth and continue up to 6-8 weeks postpartum for the best result. Depending on the severity of your abdominal separation, you can seek advice from your GP or Obstetrician regarding the use of our belly band.

Question 2 / Is it safe to wear after C-section?

Wearing our recovery belt postoperatively helps to decrease recovery time by minimising incision discomfort, which allows greater mobility post-surgery. Please make sure you cover the entire uterus area, so the belt can be a stabilizer to avoid pulling your post-op wound.

Our recovery belt is made with breathable bamboo material so you can wear directly on the skin. Caesarean section wounds are often left uncovered after 24 hours, but a dry dressing can be applied to offer protection against the belly band rubbing against the wound.


Question 3 / How many hours can I wear the belly band?

If you haven't used any compression garment before, start wearing it few hours per day, and gradually increase the wearing hours until you feel comfortable in it. You can also start with a very gentle compression by adjust the belt tightness yourself. You can always get the shape and comfort level you desire with Mamaway belly band.

Question 4 / How to pick the right size? 

You can follow the size chart below or simply chat with us on Facebook or Instagram, we will give you the best sizing advice.

Belly Band
Mamaway S / M L / XL
AU / UK 6-12 14-20
USA 2-8 10-16
Europe 32-38 40-46
Band Width/ cm 24.5
Band Length/ cm 100 115

If you purchase the belly band after delivery, simply use your current bottom size as a guide. If you order the belly band during pregnancy, your best bet is to go up 1-2 bottom size from your pre-pregnancy size. If you are in between of the two sizes, we always recommend you to go up with the size, as it provide a better coverage when first time use.

Question 5 / Can I still use the belly band a couple months after birth?

The belly band will help with your lower back pain and the still-look-pregnant tummy. Although we do suggest customers use the item straight after birth to see dramatic results. However, there are customers buying the product after several months as there was a limit to natural healing.

This belt supports the muscles that need extra help to be in place whenever needed, which allows the separated muscles to heal further on. Of course, exercise is needed to maximise the effects and benefit of the product. Also, this belt contains bamboo, charcoal which makes it antibacterial and naturally emits far-infrared rays to improve circulation.

Question 6 / Can I wear them while doing excercise?

Yes, you can definitely do so. Simply adjust the belt to a gentle compress level during workout. Some of the mum love to wear it while jogging or doing the yoga and get the core support they need. But if you have never tried any kind of compression garments before, give some time to yourself first to get used to it.

Question 7 / Why my belly band keeps rolling up?

If you're going to sit for a prolong period, you may want try pulling it further down a little lower over your hips when you sit down. So the end of the belly band won't keep folding up.

Question 8 / Can I use the recovery belt for other purpose?

Your back is extremely vulnerable to injury and strain in the postnatal period as mothering involves lots of extra bending and lifting. For this reason, our recovery belt’s seamless extra wide design is also great for your back. If you have any older family members with back pain and posture problems, they can also use it for back support when performing daily tasks.

Question 9 / Can I wear the belly band while sleeping or during meals? 

YES, you can as the tightness is adjustable. As long as you’re not feeling uncomfortable, you can wear this belly band for long hours including to sleep! 

*Friendly reminder: Don't force yourself if you're feeling unwell. 

Question 10 / How do I get a medical rebate from my private health provider?

If you are in Australia, these compression garments may be claimable from private health funds under category: Medical Compression Garments. Please check the medical rebate coverage of an individual's health insurance for eligibility and specific requirements.

To claim, print the Medical Rebate form and ask your health care provider (GP or Specialist) to complete the form. Then send the form together with your invoice to your Private health insurer. Your product may be claimable under one of the following categories : Orthosis Spinal, lumbosacral, pendulous abdomen support Medical compression garments Abdominal binders / External technical aids

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