Having sore nipples? Here are 7 ways to help! While uncomfortable and even downright annoying, having sore nipples is a sign your body is preparing to nourish your baby after birth! Let's take a look.

Invest in the right bra
Avoid wearing under-wired bras as they are usually uncomfortable during pregnancy. A good maternity bra or sports bra will help keep your breasts in place, to minimize discomfort, and will accommodate your growing breasts. The thicker fabric can also be less irritating to tender nipples.


Get fitted for the right bra
Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly will increase your pain and discomfort; it’s important to wear the right cup size. And think ahead – your breasts will probably continue to grow, so make sure you upgrade as needed.

Sleep in your bra
Many pregnant women find sleeping in a bra or a cotton sports bra helps to limit discomfort at night. Make sure your bra isn’t so tight that it constricts blood flow.

Water therapy
Warm water can ease the pain and aches you might be experiencing. Showers can sometimes increase irritation if the water jet is too strong or falls directly onto your breasts. Immersing yourself in a warm bath and gently moving the water across your nipples and breasts might bring relief.

Cool compresses
Due to increased blood flow, the temperature of your breasts will increase somewhat. This will cause a tingling sensation which can become unbearable. You can ease this by placing a washcloth soaked in cool water, an ice pack, or even cold cabbage leaves on your breasts.

Avoid irritants
Avoid using soaps, they can dry out the skin on your breasts and nipples, making them more prone to irritation. Creams containing calendula and chamomile are soothing and can ease discomfort. Virgin coconut oil might also help.

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