I want my (pre) baby body back!
28/02/2018 MAMAWAY MATERNITY Recovery

It might be the inspiration for some, but Miranda Kerr’s post-baby ‘body-bounce’ makes most new mums want to hurl… yet we’re told that she does enjoy a burger. Her ‘addiction’ for Melbourne’s Mikos...

Abdominals Heading for the Coast (East and West)
05/09/2017 MAMAWAY MATERNITY Pregnancy

Me at 30 plus weeks and looking not a day shy of it. I carried BIG, basket-ball-like and low low low low. Do you know this pregnancy caricature? I looked more like a cartoon than a human.

Get rid of your Grandma Girdle
10/05/2017 MAMAWAY MATERNITY Recovery

Get rid of that grandma girdle and move over Nancy Gantz. The times have a-changed… and so it seems has our pre-pregnant form.