Pregnant again and ‘going off the rails on the crazy train..’

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If you’re asked how many weeks pregnant you are and you need to do a quick calculation, resulting in a ‘vague ball-park’ answer, this is likely NOT your first pregnancy.

If you’re asked how many weeks pregnant you are and you need to do a quick calculation, resulting in a ‘vague ball-park’ answer, this is likely NOT your first pregnancy.

It isn’t that you’re not entirely over-joyed by the notion of being pregnant again, it’s just not a novelty like it was, and let’s face it, you’ve got your hands pretty full right now.

Your first born has mesmerised you and you’ve been entirely captivated by his developments. You can recall each and every milestone in infinite detail, and have baptised him into a world of stimulating activities.

You ask yourself, can I do this? Will I cope? Will I have enough love for another?

Then enters kid #2! Boom!

You are no longer a one-kid family when…. 

1. Your next child learns that his car seat IS his cot

Gone are the days of downloading ‘white noise’ apps for first baby’s sleep. Your second child (bless him) will nod-off any time and anywhere. Get him in that car and a day time nap is a guarantee. 

2. Things become hazy

Your brain used to be a steel-trap but when daycare calls for your second child’s immunisation records, you give a short, sharp inhale when you realise the threat of Meningitis is REAL! 

3. You used to be ahead-of-the-game

Your second baby is born and your pro-active parenting style is shot. Quick! get that capsule in the car and those plastic safety plugs into the power sockets! 

4. Your standards slip

Kid #2 gets away with blue murder - it’s OK though, he’s got a winning smile. 

5. Your family now has a mascot

The mascot is always your latest child. They get dressed in all the hand-me-downs and somehow seem to look more ‘creative’ than ‘second-hand’. Their style is usually more savvy and extroverted and they tend to have a quick grasp of language. This little walking, talking hipster is the apple of everyone’s eye. 

6. You ask yourself why it all felt so hard with just one

Were you just a wimp, or was it really as bad as you thought? 

7. You thought you were exhausted before...

Sleeplessness takes on a whole new meaning when #2 arrives in all his sleep-slapping glory. 

8. Every time your partner leaves the house...

you freak out wondering if the children will eat you alive. 

9. You’re a lot less obsessed with extra-curricular activities

In fact, you start debating whether Learn to Swim classes are as essential as they say. 

10. Your toy box resembles a jumble yard sale

Puzzles have missing pieces, toy sets are in disarray and naked Barbies have missing limbs. Your toy box looks more like a little shop of horrors, than a playtime wonderland. 

11. No longer are you utterly dependent on the latest advice from trendy parenting gurus

You’ve done it before and are indeed now the expert. You respond based on your personal wealth of experience to scenarios that a couple of years ago would have sent you crying to the internet for advice. 

12. Your enthusiasm for the park wanes

Don’t worry, this is not a high hill to fall from.

You may feel moments of guilt that kid #2 never got the same attention or structure as your firstborn. The truth? they will (and do) adapt beautifully.

Your second born will be more confident and competent in general. They will take initiative with things, find satisfaction in their own company better, be the family socialite and have an endless ability to charm.

As for you mum, step back for a moment and acknowledge that you have a border-line supernatural capacity to stretch. You go Elasta-girl!

Mum of six fabulous kids and foster-mum to numerous others. Event manager, doula, childbirth educator, lactation counsellor, owner of Sydney Birth Support, Mamaway Advocate and an encourager of all mums out there giving it their best crack!

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